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Cape Town Series: Last day of an amazing tour!

Beautiful view of Cape Point!
Mesmerizing view of Cape Point!

Last day of my Cape Town tour is certainly one of the best days I have ever had. The city is full of astonishing tourist attractions that fills one’s heart with enthusiasm and fascination. It is not only the place that matters, the company matters too. Thanks to all my fellow companions for making this an enriching and thrilling experience, I am going to cherish it throughout my life.

Our day started off with light breakfast where we all decided unanimously to head for Cape Point. We hired a cab and headed for the southern west tip of African continent. The entire route to Cape Point left us awestruck as it comprises beautiful scenery of one of the world’s liveliest cities. It seemed the whole city was out on either jogging, running or cycling.

Cape of Good Hope sign!
Sign board @ Cape of Good Hope!

Our first destination was “Cape of Good Hope”, we were amazed to see the breathtaking view of the place. The place is named after a group of sailors, who were on a voyage. Some of the fellow sailors had lost hope to find land while others were hopeful to succeed in their mission. The place is named after the sailors who kept good hope to survive and discover the place.

The landscape of the place is dry and rocky. With Ostriches running around the place, it had a different kind of vegetation known as “fynbos” made up of reeds and local plants. After having an elaborate photo session, we headed for Cape Point.

Cape Point!

Cape Point is the southern west extreme tip of the African continent forming the part of Table Mountain National Park. We went to the place via a Cable car. As you reach the topmost point of the Cape Point, you have an extraordinary feeling of conquering the place. The visit made me relate to the thrill of those who explored the place. Covered with Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean on two sides, it has one of the most spectacular views with oceans meeting at Cape Agulhas.

Food Lovers can enjoy a happy meal at Two Ocean’s Aquarium restaurant with sea food as its specialty. However, we had beverages and light snacks and went off to see our next spot Boulders Beach.

Penguins@ Boulders beach!

Penguins@ Boulders beach!

Visitors from all over the world come here to watch penguins. We all posed with cute little penguins that attracted us with their gestures. However, these penguins can be a real headache, so better stay away from them.

Colourful huts @ Muizenberg beach!
Colourful huts @ Muizenberg beach!

Our next destination was Muizenberg beach, the place is well known for its colourful huts. With restaurants all around the place, it is one of the posh areas of Cape Town. After taking few pictures, we all returned to our guest house. Finally, we packed our stuff and left for the airport.

We had moments of life time at one of the most beautiful places in the world. With cherished memories in our heart, we finally said good bye to the lively city halfheartedly. For all those going, don’t forget to take your camera, a jacket because its windy sometimes and your favorite beach dress! 🙂

I would like to apologize to visitors of my blog for making them wait for so long. 

Cape Town Series: Day 2


Amazing natural Sight @ Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens!

On second day of our visit to CapeTown, we woke up late due to exhaustion of the previous day. After having delicious “Upma” in the breakfast, we started off our journey to the Wine Route via the “Blue Mini Peninsula Tour” Bus.

Mouthwatering Cup Cakes!

Mouthwatering Cup Cakes!

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens:

Our first destination was “Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens”, which is acclaimed as one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world. Established with an aim to conserve threatened floral species in the South African region, it is a place where one can relax and rejoice in the lap of the nature. It is situated at the foot of Table Mountain and displays the rich flora of South Africa. “Hanging Bridge”, is the major attraction of this tourist destination. Mesmerized by the beauty of the place, we rejuvenated ourselves by having peppermint tea and mouth-watering cup cakes.

Groote Constantia Wine Estate!

Groote Constantia Wine Estate!

Groote Constantia Wine Estate:

We continued our journey ahead by visiting “Groote Constantia Wine Estate”. Famous as the oldest wine estate in South Africa, its history dates back to 16th century. It is known for its wine across the world. “Wine Route” is named after the vast stretches of Wine plantation in this area.

World of Birds 🙂

World of Birds:

Our next destination was “World of Birds” in the Cape Town. It is home to over 3000 birds of 400 different species. Popular as the largest Bird Park in Africa, it provides you the opportunity of getting close with creatures. We had the pleasure of touching tortoise, playing with squirrel monkeys, parrots and others as well. It was a life-enriching experience for all of us.

V&A Waterfront:

Thereafter, we came to V&A Waterfront to see the amazing market displaying artificial jewellery, handicrafts and other items. With malls and eating joints all around, it was a place with hustle and bustle.

Going for Canal Cruise!

Canal Cruise:

We went on to take Canal Cruise, which reminded us of Venice. It gives a completely different and astounding view of V& A waterfront. It was once known as the “Tavern of the Seas”, where ships from all over the world would stop to get fresh supplies. Finally, Day 2 of Cape town ended on a happy note.

An Unforgettable Journey to Cape Town Day 1



Cape Town captured with cloud laden Table mountain enhancing its beauty!

Life is a beautiful gift of God that gives us the opportunity to evolve ourselves by learning from our experiences. Travelling is one such experience that fills our heart with memories that are going to stay with us forever.

Our Visit to Cape Town was an unexpected visit that started off with Sanjay Bhai acting as a driving force to the trip. Within a period of two weeks, we finally made decision of going to Cape Town after initial hiccups.

Cape Town is one of the beautiful cities in the world known for its natural beauty and extra-ordinary spirit. You are bound to fall in love with this place as you explore it during sight-seeing.


Beautiful City of Cape Town!

Neha & I gathered information about major tourist attractions in Cape Town from various sources. Parvesh Bhai booked our accommodation for a period of 3 days. Prior to our visit, we had few meetings together to discuss different needs of our visit. In the mean time, Amritanshu booked tickets to Cape Town.

Finally the day of our visit 14th August came; we boarded our flight at right time around 7 PM and reached Cape Town around 9 PM. Thereafter, we took a cab & went to our guest house safely. We had our dinner prepared from our places. After dinner and a session of chit-chat, we went to our bed. But, we couldn’t sleep well due to exhaustion and excitement stored for us the next day.

The next morning, we were all ready by around 8 AM in the morning. After having our breakfast, we started our tour to Cape Town by capturing the photos of scenic beauty of the natural sight from our accommodation.

Cloud laden Table Mountain from our accommodation!

On 15th August Indian Independence Day, We wished each other and went for sight-seeing from V&A Waterfront, which was our bus stoppage. By around 8 AM, we were able to catch our “Red Tour bus”. With unanimous decision of visiting Table Mountain first, we captured few pictures with the entire group. We embarked our journey with thrill and excitement in our heart.


Crystal like White Sand with blue tranquil water @ Camps Bay Beach!

Camps Bay Beach:

On reaching Table Mountain, we found that the cable car was closed due to bad weather. Thereafter, “HUM PAANCH” went to Camps Bay Beach. Known globally for Crystal like white sand with Table Mountain as backdrop, Camps Bay Beach was perfect destination at that point. Posing for a few clicks as suggested by Sanjay Bhai, we went to our next destination “Table Mountain”.


Beautiful View from Table Mountain!

Table Mountain:

We continued our journey with “Red Bus Tour” to reach “Table Mountain”. Unfortunately, by the time we reached, there was a long queue of tourists to reach up the mountain. Table Mountain is one of the “New 7 Natural Wonders of the World”. Situated at a height of 3560 feet, it is home to several species of plants and animals. It is called so because of its table like structure with flat top. We had some awesome moments in the lap of nature which we are going to cherish throughout our lives.


Star fishes @ Two Oceans Aquarium!

Two Oceans Aquarium:

Thereafter, we went to “Two Oceans Aquarium” where we got to experience some fishes and learn interesting facts about them. We also had the opportunity to see Penguins and Giant sized tortoise there.

After having lunch at a restaurant, we returned to our accommodation. We had supper at our accommodation while sharing a hearty laugh with each other. Finally, the day ended on a happy note.